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Does everyone on Kerry's side know that Kerry opposes gay marriage? I might be wrong. But that's what I heard. My friend and I were looking at Kerry/Bush stuff today during study hall, and there was a thing on the msn news site where you read Bush's view on something, and then Kerry's and you clicked either Bush or Kerry depending on who you agreed with. And both Bush and Kerry opposed gay marriage. Basically the only difference was that Kerry says he'd allow gays to serve in the military. Bush said he wouldn't if they were "open". A-hole. But anyways. I was just wondering if anyone had heard that Kerry opposes gay marriage...Even though I'm more for Bush on most issues, I'm against both of them in many ways!


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Kerry does not condone gay marriage. But he definately opposes a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. That is a hell of a lot better than Bush.

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The Democratic party would ne

The Democratic party would never have a chance in hell of winning this election if they fielded a candidate that actually supported gay marriage. Kerry is their best bet for winning, not the most in line with liberal principles (because the word "liberal" is political suicide these days). Unfortunately, that is the truth of politics. But personally, I would rather have a president who doesn't condone gay marriage and doesn't support an amendment banning it rather than one who doesn't condone it and supports an amendment.