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Yay! I think I may finally be getting over my crush. I still get nervous around her and all that, but at the same time I just don't feel like I like her as much. I guess I'm starting to accept the fact that she's straight, and in some ways that's made her less attractive in my eyes. She's still gorgeous. But..yeah..that doesn't really make any sense. I'm just rambling. Anyways.. I have a rainbow bracelet. It's my pride bracelet, even though it wasn't made specificly for gay pride. :-) But it isn't enough. I feel like I need to have more rainbow gear! I want a necklace. A rainbow one, and maybe one with a very small pendant on it..the thing that's the two lesbian symbols entwined (the circles with the cross type thing on the bottom). And rings. I want rings. What I want most is a freedom rings necklace...maybe with the circles, maybe with the triangles. Hmm. Hot Topic has one but it wasn't at the store so I'll have to order it online sometime. My straight friend Britney (she is extremely supportive of gays) and I made an appt. to talk to the principal on Wed. about starting a club. A GSA. Britney is so excited about this, it's really funny. She's even shopping for ribbons this weekend. We're probably going to have a pink ribbon for male homosexuality, a white one in the middle for straight alliance with gays, and a black one for female homosexuality. We've changed our minds tons of times about what colors to get. She's going to try to find some rainbow ribbon, but she hasn't seen any so far. So I think we're just going to make our own pride ribbons. :-) And most of our friends have already agreed to wear them. I'm slowly gathering up the courage to wear more and more pride stuff in school. Screw all the homophobes in this town...I'm gay and I love it!


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Heya, I've also got a rainbow

Heya, I've also got a rainbow pride bracelet that I wear.
It's like a Karma Bead thing- but every bead is rainbow coloured- I love it!
I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.