My dad

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Lately I really just can't stand my dad. Everything he does gets on my nerves and I just really want to scream at him at the top of my lungs! He's always telling me to do things like, my mom just hurt her arm and last night she was trying to make dinner and he's right there next to her and could help her but no, he comes into the living room sits down turns on the t.v. and tells me to go help. He does things like this a least twice a day, something needs to be done and he could be right there but he won't do it, he'll order me to. When I say something about it he says things like "fine, then you go out and get a job and work at it four twelve hours a day!" I understand that he works but even when he doesn't have work that day and all he does is watch t.v. he still tells me to do everything! All this just started happening this year and i don't know why but i'm really sick of it.