National Coming Out Day CONFUSION

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So, I have a question... is it just coincidence that National Coming Out Day is the same day as.. er.. Columbus day.. (what day was today? I am so bad when it comes to holidays like this.)? Are there any gay holidays that aren't the same date as other holidays? If there aren't, there should be.


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It's not always the same day.

It's not always the same day...Columbus day is always a just happened to be the same day as our coming out holiday.

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We should have a calendar

U know, we should have a calendar because i have no idea when there are holidays like that. Anyone want to tell me when there are other holidays. I feel so left out now. :(
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But both holidays are on the

But both holidays are on the 11th. So it wouldn't just be a coincidence, would it? I'm so confused. o.o

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