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I've known i was gay for quite some time. I'm perfectly happy with who i am. I do suffer from Depression and I am on Medication. Recently I realized that a lot of my dreams that have been sexual have involved my father. I thought nothing of it, then i started talking to a friend about it and how i felt. My mother has asked me if i had been abused as a child because she has taken many Psychology courses as her being a teacher and she says (along with a previous therapist) that I show signs of sexual abuse. Now i dont recall any type of abuse. But lately i've wondered if something happened. I may just be paranoid but are there any sources that could help me know if i've been abused?

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You may not choose to go this

You may not choose to go this way, you may not believe in it, or whatever, but hypnosis. If you were abused, you do have memories ofit...they are repressed. hypnosis is the best way to get into those memories.

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It is argued that hypnosis can actually cause people to create memories that did not really happen. The power of suggestion is extremely strong, especially when somebody is in such a vulnerable (hypnotised) state.

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First off....

First off its an american thing (make an eglish thing) that sex within your family is wrong, but i do know several people who fantize about their brothers, uncles, and fathers.
There is nothing "wrong" with it, as for the abuse thing I think it would be hard to explain why you wanted it done if no one knew you were gay or having fantasies...

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kind of the same problem

The other night I had a dream in which my brother tried to rape me. I don't know where the hell that kind of thinking came from because my brother would never do such a thing. As for remembering, sometimes repressed memories are best left repressed or at least that's how I deal with blank spots in my own memory