Oasis MIRC channel?

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So ive been trying to find a good GLBT chat out there but i simply cannot find one !! I thought it would be cool if we got an mIRC channel, the software is free and pretty much easy to use if you have someone who knows what they;re doing helping you out. any thoughs?

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whats that?

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Dont know wut an MIRC is but

Dont know wut an MIRC is but if its a chat thing i would support it
haha just googled it its a chat thing
~± Brian ±~

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mIRC is an internet relay chat, which essentially means its a program you download and have to be conncted to the internet to use. the website , located at http://mirc.com/ should give a pretty good explanation of how it works. disregard the registration bit, and the paying bit too, ive had my free copy for over 2 years and i havent paid a cent. on the site you can download the chat program, and it should tell you how to set it up. let me see if i can get a channel going. OK. so the deal is when you first install w/e, there will be a little screen that will pop up when you first turn on IRC. it will have little boxed to be filled in, and on the left side there is a sort of menu. the 1st (top) pull down menu says IRC network. Set it to "all" then the one below, set to "Chatnet: random US server" the rest can be filled in however you please. The official oasis irc channel can be entered in the other box that pops up as soon as you are connected to the server. channels = rooms. the window that pops up and says IRC channels folder has a blank space where you can type at the top. enter in : #oasis This will from now on be the official oasis IRC channel. anyone may come or go as they please. also, try to use the same name you use here so that we can recognize eachotehr. happy chatting my oasis friends!

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There are many cool gay teen channels on most networks.

But if you guys can fill, and keep a #oasismag channel on some letter full , i will gladly display it on the website.

I have to mention that not many people on oasis have the technical know how to use irc, so it might be hard.

myself, i am an irc slut. or atleast i was =)

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in house IRC slut

Hey adrian, i was wondering if you knew how to set up a permenent channel. Im not quite sure how to do it. but you're probably more learned in the art of irc than i am :) below was about as technical as i get :)

Cause you're a star now, oh cinderella they arn't sluts like you...