October is almost over?

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Time seems to just fly by...well only during specific times (e.g. at this very moment). I don't know anymore. Amazingly enough, I am not up for the usual complaints on how life is OK, awesome, or just plain unbearable. Right now - I'm even uncertain of what in the world I feel life is for me, it's just a mixture of emotions that makes me discombublated. Perhaps, well actually I'm almost positive I will be up for some ranting and raving some other day/night.


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I, for one, can't believe it'

I, for one, can't believe it's nearly Christmas- then nearly New Year. Goddess that just sounds weird when you think about it- I still occasionally put 2003!

I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.