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Do you know what you just did to me? With one comment you tore me apart. I won't recover from this for a while, but you haven't even noticed what your words have done to me. The smile is frozen on my face, and I feel sick. Fag. It's not really a big word, if you think about it. Words shouldn't hold any power over us. You go on, laughing and talking as if what you just said will not weigh on your conscience for a while. And it won't because you don't think about it that way, the way I can't help to. Your eyes held such disgust as they looked at her. "Holy crap, isn't it that April girl? She's with her girlfriend...ew." It's not really about the subject, because I'm not fond of her either. But the way you look at them freezes me, leaving me speechless with a rising sickness deep down. If you knew, would you look at me like that? Would you still smile at me, and talk to me, and be my friend. I don't know if I want to know, because I've known you forever, and it would kill me to lose you.

P.S. Any people who want to talk should add me on MSN, cause I'm bored. thirteencrookedsmiles@hotmail.com


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That's got to be really painf

That's got to be really painful. I'm sorry. :( Especially since it's one of your friends.

ps. who are the girls in your icon?

pps. feel better!!

** IMRU? **

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The girls in my icon are TEGA

The girls in my icon are TEGAN AND SARA,
The best band in the entire world!!!
They are both gay, which is really cool. Cause they're twins. But I found that out after hearing all their songs. They are fing awesome. Check them out.