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disclaimer; yeah, its fiction. yes, this is all i have. dunno what i'm doing with it. i just wrote.

I poke at the blob with my shoe, and it reveals itself to be a small black beetle. I swear that it looks up at me, winking, before scuttling across the floor. At the other end of the classroom, it is purposely and ruthlessly squished beneath the sneakered foot of one of my classmates. I raise my hand and asked to be excused to the nurse, claiming a headache. The teacher lets me go and I walk out.
Outside of the classroom, two bulky, muscular dangerous looking boys are shooting murderous glances and throwing insults at each other near the restrooms, where the administrator watches, afraid of getting hurt, but ready to jump in if someone throws a punch.
I turn and go down the back hallway, which is the long way to the nurse’s office. I do have a headache, but that’s not my reason for wanting to leave. I just want to get out of the stuffy classroom with the gossipy, gum-chewing girls and the boys with their expensive gym sneakers, which are used to kill helpless insects.
The back hallway is empty except for a skinny girl wearing a heavy black sweatshirt that makes her look sickly, but that may be her eyes, which are sunken into her face, and her pale skin. I briefly wonder if she would want to listen to what I have to say, but I notice that she has a huge pair of headphones on her ears. She glances at me, but its as though her gaze passes through me, and I am not a living thing at all.


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interesting...keep going..

"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"

Cnn* :)