She's Lost Our Trust

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I am SO sick of her! I really haven't written much if anything about this girl before...I'll call her Elma (first thing that came to mind even if it isn't really a name...). I have had the WORST friendship with her. She tried to run my life, she chose my friends, she thought she knew everything about me. She even told me to my face that she read my journal (diary) when I was in the bathroom. In my own house. In my bedroom. She invaded my privacy!! She tried to break up the friendship I have with my BEST friend. She even shoved her into a blackboard this year, thought she claims it was an accident, it was more than an accident. It was obvious. I told her that I didn't appreciate the way she treated me and that I didn't think she had respect for me. She backed off for a while. Now, right at this very minute, she's badgering me about my HOMEWORK. She said that my bio teacher had told her that if I don't start doing my work, he's going to call my mom. I told her that if he was really concerned about it, he'd tell me himself and not go talking to other students about my grades. She said that he didn't go talking to her about it, that she had just noticed it. So I asked her if she really payed attention to my grades that much. She once again said that she had just noticed my grade. If it was someone else, I wouldn't really mind. But she's pulled so much shit on me before that I just can't stand it. Even after I TELL her that she needs to back off, she still goes and monitors my freaking grades? She's full of herself. She really is. I hate saying things like that about people, but strangely I don't feel bad saying it about her. I feel alone, too, because most of my friends are mad at her for the same reasons but they don't know her like I do. And it scares me because I don't want them to get tangled up in a huge mess with her because it's so hard to get out of it. I really just can't stand her anymore. I've tried so many times to get through to her, and she doesn't get it. Now she's mad at me because I won't tell her what's bothering me. I told her earlier that it's something I need to deal with myself. But it surprises me that she wonders why her friends don't tell her everything anymore. Like all the stuff that's very important and personal to them. I, myself am scared shitless that she'll talk about stuff she read in my journal. Like family issues we've had. No one tells her these things because no one can trust her. It's a shame. But she needs to grow up. She really does. I hope I don't sound like a b**ch. I probably do, talking about her like this. But she's...invasive. Rude. Controlling. I can't take it anymore!!


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Honestly, she sounds like the beeyatch. I wouldn't have been friends with her that long. I would have kicked her beeyatch ass :).

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