Stefanie .... *siiiiiigh*

i kiss girlz's picture

I love this girl. OK well perhaps not "love," but I strongly like her. She's beautiful. She has this reddish-brown hair with golden highlights when the sun hits it just right. Her skin is sooooo pale, it's like translucent. Her face is pointed, adorable, like an Amy Brown faery. Her hands are tiny. Everything about her is amazing. I love it. And I got to sit next to her in English -- AND TALK TO HER!!!!!!! Her voice is pretty, kind of high but not whiny or squeaky, it's just very feminine.

*sigh* I have a hopeless crush. I don't even know how old she is. But damn it, Stefanie Henderson, I HAVE FALLEN FOR YOU!

Ooooh ... I get to see her again tomorrow ... *floats away on some bubble of happiness*