Tegan and Sara....NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow wow wow. WOW. This is NOT fair. I was just looking at Tegan and Sara's official site, and I checked the tour dates and they're playing in Ithaca TOMORROW. TOMORROW! And I freaking live in Ithaca! And I can't go! Because it's at the haunt and only people 18 and up are allowed in. Grrrr. Tomorrow!!! I'm going to go sit in my room and sulk now.


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Man that sucks!

I love Tegan and Sara!
My friend met them when she was in LA.
*Is jealous* lol.

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AHHHHH!! that sucks. i was r

AHHHHH!! that sucks. i was recently going to go see them.. but i got grounded.--*