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Wanted: stereotypical gay male, aged 16-19, with good fashion sense and knows how to waltz, won't mind comforting a psycho dyke and likes shopping.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a gay best friend. None of my straight friends will 1) waltz with me, 2) wipe away tears when I cry. It's like they think I have a frickin disease. My dyke friends will dance and wipe away tears, but there's always the sexual thing behind it. (Same with straight guy friends.) Through the process of elimination, gay guys are left. I know a few gay guys, but they're all either waaaayyyy older than me (like over 27) or they don't live in Maryland, Virginia or any other state that is easily accessible to me.

A gay guy wouldn't be constantly hitting on me and (hopefully) wouldn't treat me like I had some contagious(sp?) disease that might make people's limbs fall off if I got too close. I think it would be awesome to have a gay friend my age. Oh well. I'll keep looking, lol.