We Laugh, We Cry

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I suppose this is a rant. But I'm not angry really. Mostly disappointed and ashamed.

It's amazing how quickly people prey on other people's differences. This became very apparant in Psychology class. Today was chapter 13. Psychological Disorders.

Crazy people are the last safest comedic target it seems. Or as my professor put it... "This is the 1-800 Psychiatric Disorder Hotline, Press 1 repeatedly if you are Obsessive Compulsive... Press 4,5,6 if you have multiple personalities... If you are schizophrenic wait a moment and a little voice will tell you what number to press... ". Like that.

What's the problem people have with showing a little compassion to people who are different or have a problem? The one girl who thinks all pedophiles are male and need to be shot but females who suffer from post-partum depression and drown their children just didn't get the help they needed. Or professor, who brings up a story of a pyromaniac who just happened to be homosexual but the homosexual part is brought up for seemingly no good reason except that the person is homosexual. Or, my old room mate, who after watching a car chase on television and finding out that the person was schizophrenic says that they should all die because they are leeching off the government.

Is this just human nature? What's the deal with people?

And it's not restricted to mental illness. People all over seem to be taking shots at each other or making problems out of differences. I don't know what to think.


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my friend's mom has schizophrenia, and sometimes when she tells people, they'll act distant from her, and someone once said that she (my friend) is shizo because her mom is...yeah...