We're back, and baby, we are friggin' live!

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Well praise the Goddess and pass me a beer, that prick bastard is back, and high-speed, no less! Didja miss me?


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Of course!

Oasis would never have been the same without your copious late night ponderings.

Welcome back. :)

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welcome back

Welcome back :)I can't say it's been super quiet without you, but there have been times in which I'm sure your presence would've spiced things up a bit! lol


"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave, live."

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I missed this entry, before I gave a smartass remark to your other journal entry. Well, it wasn't a smartass remark... I'm just sick of writing essays!

Well, welcome back. We missed you.

**End ego stroke**