who am I really

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Who am I really? that question has been so hard for me to answer for some many years. I've gone through so many changes, I've had such a hard time comming to terms who the real me was, not the me that everyone wanted to see the person that wanted to be what everyone wanted. I did that for so many years that I started to forget who I really was and what I wanted and who I was going to become. So over the last year I started to work on myself and who i was and what I wanted to become. Which I should say was something of a challenge. So I finally came to terms with myself except for one thing I had these feelings for both boys and girls and I was like oh hell I just finally become somewhat comfortable with who i am and then this happens. I always had the thought in the back of my mine but never acted on it. Well I still havent acted on it but I've never taken the time to read up on the fact of being "bi" and the more I sat and thought about it, I became more comfortable with the thought because if you think oabout it ou get the best of both worlds, I love boys but girls have been becomming more and more attrictive to me and its like well why not get both? This way I can have my cake and eat it to. I dunno then they more comfortable I become the more I'm like errg I can't have a relationship w/ a girl because I have noo idea how to go about that one can't ask my friends because they are all straight and I really dont feel like making my life any more difficult then it really needs to be so then I turned to the internet to get myself friends that feel the same way I feel so atleast I can have someone to talk to and maybe find someone to have a relationship with who knows everything is up in the air. I've never expressed my feelings to anyone befor so this is a big step for me so thanks for reading my ranting!!



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mmm... cake *drools*

Best of both worlds. ^_^ I never thought of it that way before. I'm more or less the same about expressing my feelings. It's good to get it out... even if it is to a bunch of virtual people.
Any prize that's worth having, usally requires a risk.