100 things I like about myself

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okay. I guess in order to feel better about myself, I want to figure out what I like best about me. this exercise is taken from a journaling book that i have. the rules are that you can repeat something if you need to, and you don't *hvae* to have 100 items, but I'm going to get as many as I can today, and then keep adding 'til I have 100. And my rule to myself is to compliment as much as possible. Because I've never really been good at putting myself up, so here goes...
100 things I love about myself
1.) I am a good writer.
2.) I'm good with kids.
3.) My eyes are pretty.
4.) I'm a pretty gentle personality most of the time.
5.) I try not to let people walk all over me.
6.) I'm a good cook (sort of)
7.) I can be pretty if I try.
8.) I'm creative.
9.) I am pretty honest.
thats all i can come up with for now...i'll try to come up with more tomorrow.


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this is a cool idea. i think i'll start doing something like it, myself. you sound like a good person. keep writing. :)


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Good idea, I think I'll do on

Good idea, I think I'll do one of those too.

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