a big trans awareness flop.

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saturday was trans day of remembrance. did you know? didn't think so. there's a website here. the whole day has issues around race and class and who the "we" of trans communities is, but whatever you want to say about it it's a day to observe the lives of people killed in the past year due to anti-trans hatred and bias. it's an important day.

an observation of the day was also the last day of "trans awareness week" that we put on on my campus. we - in this case - is the trans group i run. the group spent six hundred dollars and tons of time and energy on a week full of events. five events. three of them were canceled due to nonattendance, one went really well, and the last - the most important, the candlelight vigil for trans day of remembrance - was horribly attended. horribly. and it makes me cry and it's mostly my fault and i'm just so tired, so so tired of having to fight so so much.

there's a ghandi quote, though:
first they ignore us.
then they laugh at us.
then they fight us.
then we win.