A Meal, A Wedding

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Thanksgiving. Not very eventful. Saw people. Ate. Etc. The ride there was more interesting. So, I drive home thanksgiving morning and the only person still there is my mom. She was/is on call but she practically insisted I ride with her instead of taking seperate vehicles. So, anyways, I forget how it goes, it had something to do with the wedding, but I end up telling her I joined PFLAG. She doesn't ask what it stands for. So I don't know. I can only hint so much. Then there was this wedding today, saturday. It was for the two guys that like started up the PFLAG group in this area. Not a lot happened there I guess. Weddingy stuff. You probably know.

I also have to decide where I'm going real quick for college or if I'm going to wait until fall. Stupid counselors. Ugh. I could try to go this spring semester, but most classes are sequential. Probably. Or I can work some place until next fall. Problem: Loans will like start up and I'll have to start paying into them. So yeah. This has made me mad.

Overall. It hasn't been to bad of a break though.