Ain't got the hook up. Yo.

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Yeah, meeting somebody's a pain in the ass. I think you should be required to take a test determining your social intelligence before you come out. Either that, or everyone get tatoos advertising their sexual affiliation. I'm clueless. Completely. I have no gaydar. All I know is that the college girls I see in lower Manhattan are kind of cute...even if they're all with their boyfriends.

God damn them.


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Something positive?

This is off subject... but is that a something avatar?
I love SP!
I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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Actually, it's from Peanuts.

Actually, it's from Peanuts. Peppermint Patty spent several entire years insisting that Marcie not call her "sir", but it was so completely futile that she was forced to give up, and nobody remembers the running joke. All we remember is that Marcie seemed to think she was a man. I think she just enjoyed annoying Patty.