And That, my friends, is why I don't go out on weeknights

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Awww...Shit. I just slept through my first class of the day, which happened to be the last session of that class for the semester. I was definitely wasted last night, and this is why getting drunk on a weeknight is NOT a good idea. :-P One of my friends was supposed to wake me up, but she forgot... last night. I was definitely flirting with this girl, who is actually one of my friends' host students. But she ended up with this guy from my lodge...and I definitely complained to several people about how "J and I had been competing for the same girl and he won". Hehe. If they hadn't known I was gay before...but they all did so it doesn't matter. J, at some point, was talking about how wierd it was to be "competing" with a girl, lol. At the same time I'm just a little embarrassed...I mean, I didn't really want to hook up with the girl or anything, I think I was thinking just a kiss or something would've been fun. But the whole time I didn't really think about my girlfried from home. It's a little disconcerting.

My RA walked me back to the lodge, which was cool b/c he and I really haven't talked much this semester. I have a vague recollection of talking to a few people online. I know who one of the was, for sure, but I can't remember the others...humm.

Okay well I'm off...I have another class in a little bit, and I'd really rather not miss this one too. :-P I'm hoping if I drink enough water my hangover will go away in a timely manner...



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you would come out on a weeknight with me right??!@#@ :)


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