Back to the States I go...Hope I make it!

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Hard to believe I leave tomorrow to go back home. It's going to be a loooooong trip. Here's my schedule as of right now... keep in mind, it's kinda complicated...

Leave Perth @6:30 pm... Arrive in Auckland @ 6:00 am
Leave Auckland @ 10:30 pm... Arrive in L.A. @ 1:45 pm
Leave L.A. on whatever flight I can manage to fly standby on to get back to Denver because I will have missed my scheduled flight which leaves L.A. at 10:30 am.

Note...I have a SIXTEEN HOUR layover in Auckland...I'm going to attempt to fly standby and catch the 7:30 pm flight...which would get me out of there about 3 hours early. All the times I've listed are local times...all together I'm going to be traveling for roughly 40-45 hours depending on what flight I can catch back to Denver. Up until this week I thought that I left Auckland at 4:20 pm and would arrive in L.A. at 7:15 am...which is why I have a flight to Denver scheduled for 10:30 am...but I just found out a few days ago that that's not longer the case.

Grr! Arrgh!

I hate airlines. And travel agents. I wish I could just beam myself home like they do in Star Trek. *sigh*

So my best friend here, MacKenzie, left today at 4:30 I've been lonely all day :-P I did get some Christmas shopping done and went around town taking pictures. I'll have to go get some more pics tomorrow though, because my picture-taking adventure was interrupted by a parade...they like Parades here in Fremantle.

Blah...okay, so I really should take everything down off my walls, but that would make it too bare in sad! I'm ready to go, but at the same time I don't want this experience to be over.

Sorry if this was hard to follow...but I'm just so frustrated about the complicated-ness of my trip.