Bad days.... *crys*

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Jesus friggin crap these past few days have sucked!! Except for sunday.... All I did was sleep on sunday. But saturday and monday and tuesday sucked!! Saturday would be to long to explaine but in short Dee was being a bitchy bigot.

Monday all of my friends were basically at one another's throats, though manyly Brandons.... Not Pet-Brando, older Brandon. The one with his head so full of innocence it should be illigal in our society!! It's sickening how innocently blind and stupid he is!!! Well, that blindness and stupidity finally got him into some deep crap with my girl. He pissed her off, how I'm not quite sure but I'm working on it, then he pissed of our best friend, he didn't want to go out with her but sometimes those 'NO lines' have gotten a bit blurry even to me. Then I find out that part of whats pissed my girlfriend off is that he doesn't think she's good enough for me, but guess what?! She's the best I've had in a LONG time!! A huge leep and bound up from my ex! I find cuddling and a peck on the lips every once in a while much better than a smack to the head and a lecture on how week and discraceful I am. The thing is he doesn't understand that those memories of all that shit isn't going away! He keeps telling me I'm better than this scared alter self but he seems to think a few words and a pout are gonna make it all o away. It doesn't work like that!! I wish it did but it doesn't!!

Then Van,my girlfriend, wasn't at school yesterday. All of the security I had built up over the passed few weeks came down with a single thought, "Van isn't here!" I was a lost puppy all day! I made a complete idiot of myself a few times, because stupid Brandon had to upset Van so much!! Then he gets all sappy saying how sad it makes him to see me like this, and you know what? Instead of telling him off like I normally would, I just nodded and walked to French Club. On any other day I would have told him why I was acting like I was and yelled at him to stop pissing Van off so she wouldn't get sick of me and leave like everyone else because I'd like to hold onto this a little longer!!

There.... I feel much butter. Any thoughts to add anyone, I'd luv to hear 'em, really I would.


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What business is it of his to

What business is it of his to mess with your relationship and upset your girl? Is he just some nosy bastard, or is he related to you (not that it would justify it, just that I could see why he'd be bothering you two).

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He's like a brother, just not by blood. And normally we can talk about anything. He's that best gay-boy-friend kinda person that every girl should have. Only he made a huge mistake this time and really pissed me off. Things have improved though not by much.

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