?BI What?

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Can someone really be attacted to both sexes?
In this world where people are obsess with labels, facts and statistics
can someone truly "bend both ways" I dunno where i fall right now...maybe
i'm that guy who is still questioning his sexuallity. At times i think
that i'm one of those "bi-guys" but is that a natural reaction.?To be afriad
to cross that line a become a "gay-guy" is there truly a yello brick
middle road from which to "skip" upon? Is declaring "bisexual" status
a fail-safe, a blanket to wrap yourself safely upon. I find all these questions
amusing and puzzling put perhaps the most debated question is....is
bisexuality a steping stone to full fledge gaydom?

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Hmmm good point. I class myse

Hmmm good point. I class myself as bi because I get crushes on guys and girls- although I'm not sure if I'm only fancying guys because I'm 'supposed' to. It's mainly celebs I get the crushes on, and I adore female celbs- usually for a long period of time; whereas males I will have a fleeting crush on.

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Is Bisexuallity a stepin' sto

Is Bisexuallity a stepin' stone towards full-fledge gaydom>????
I would really apprciate anyone's comments.

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I think it can be. I'm pretty

I think it can be. I'm pretty sure many gay and lesbian people have labled themselves bisexual before they decided to put themselves in gaydom. But that doesn't mean it's solely a stepping stone.

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I agree... when I was struggl

I agree... when I was struggling with my sexuality, I remember thinking for awhile that I was bi, or "possibly" gay... For me it was a matter of being comfortable enough with myself to admit that I am a full-fledged lesbian. But I don't think this is always the case; my sister dated guys from 5th-10th grade, and then decided she liked girls and was in several relationships with girls. At first she thought she was bi, then lesbian. But now she's in college and she met a guy that she just finds wonderful and they're dating. So for her it's not a "stepping stone"...it just is who she is.


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Many teens gets cruches on both sexes...
Maybe it comes form them, or they simply pass too much time with one sex or the other, getting them to like one more , or to desire one more. it's all part of the teenage years. Adult bisexuals are more rare, they tend to be more people with experiences in both kinds and still can't make up their mind, or that need sex(that is not my opinion) or simply that Truly loves both sexes. But, bisexuallity may occur in gaydom or in heterosexuality, it will only depend of the persons s/he'll fell in love with, and still will be attracted to, when that person will have finally find itself...

that's my opinion, whatd'ya all think?

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Bi ppl are just Greedy

my title is also one of my fav queer quotes, and me being bi is/are a textbook example.

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I'm bi but I'm not polyamorou

I'm bi but I'm not polyamorous (want to be involved with more than one person at a time). The next idiot boyfriend who starts bothering me for a threesome will have me swearing guys off forever. Or until someone with a nicer ass comes along.

I don't believe that everyone is bisexual and that gays and straights are just in denial, but I don't believe that bisexuals are in denial over being gay or straight either. Just because you don't get somebody's preference doesn't mean they're lying.

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I actually had to look up Bi

I didn't really know what it was about me for a long time. I found myself liking girls but I always seemd to have a boyfriend. It wasn't until the past couple years that I realized it's that I'm attracted to people. Not all people, mind you, just certain people. I'm attracted to his or her mind, the body helps, but it's not the first thing that draws me to him or her.
The whole bi*sex*ual part comes out b/c I just enjoy being with that person so much I want to share my feelings in other ways.

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I choose to identify as gay not because I feel nothing sexual towards females, but because anything sexual I have ever felt towards girls has been so much weaker than what I've felt towards guys. One time I did actually notice attraction to girls was the women's beach volleyball during the olympics (a weak level of attraction, but definitely there). So I guess to a certain extent, I'm bisexual, but I'd imagine that most gay-identifying and straight-identifying people don't feel completely nothing sexual towards the hottest members of the opposite sex. Since I'm a little (very little) bisexual myself, I don't see why it's not possible that others could be more in the middle.

Is it society? Heck, I dunno. Are gay guys with feminine gestures only acting that way because of gay culture? Probably. Even if bisexuals were really gays and straights who hadn't realised their true identity, you could say a lot of gay guys are really inclined to act without these gestures, though they do. So maybe bisexuals are giving into society, but it's not like gay guys aren't.

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Women's beach volleyball...mmm hmmm...stop that! I've got to go to work!

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However you choose to label yourself is your business. However, sexuality is not about labels you're comfortable with and that go well with your hair color, it's about who you find sexually attractive. I don't want a girlfriend, and I don't think about girls, and in my mind, that makes me a homosexual male.

Ask yourself: how often do I think about girls relative to guys, and vice versa? Or do I think about girls/guys at all? Have I ever had a crush on a guy? A girl? Are these feelings strong, as opposed to slight fleeting attractions that only last a few seconds and are quickly forgotten? You may very well be bisexual, or you might be gay, or you might be straight - I don't mean to confuse you further, but it all depends.

Also, age has somethign to do with it too, I think. If you're 13-15, then it's unlikely that you're exclusively into girls or guys. Things start to even out when you get into your later teens.

I hope that helps...

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It's not a stepping stone for

It's not a stepping stone for me. It is who I am. I am bi. I do have attractions to males and females. I am currently dating a girl, but I still have feelings for men. I look at sexuality as a gradient. You have the two extremes - straight and gay'lesbian. Then you have all these ticks in between. In the middle is someone who is equally attracted to guys and girls. I think it's hard to describe everyone on the planet with just three labels.

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"Time is jaded..Seconds tick...but life is eternal"

In a perfect world everyone would be pansexual/bisexual....Just try to imagine that orgy..........

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big advocate of the bisexual male

bi guys totally exist. i keep running into them. i think it's because i have my eyes pealed for them, though, because i'm always looking for examples to prove to these biphobic bitches that they're wrong!

i really don't think people can be put into boxes. they're just too complicated. you shouldn't let a gay person tell you that it's just a phase anymore than you should let a straight person say so. the reason i say this is because i've met a fair number of homosexual men and women who deny the existence of bisexuality and are really cruel and horrible about it. it's just a reverse -phobia, you know?

bi guys totally exist. just let yourself be, don't push yourself and rush things because that will just make life more difficult than it needs to be. and the answers will come to you.

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Tank chu' veti much...mi luv chu' long time...

"Time is jaded..Seconds tick...but life is eternal"

Thats pretty kool of you Ramblin' Girl i definately agree with the fact that people are too complicated to be packaged and be sent by FedEx. Fortunately i live in a very liberal city...and the gay people i know happen to be very friendly toward my bisexuality. I thank all y'all for your posts.
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Well, I've never -really- had

Well, I've never -really- had feelings for guys, but until I fell in love with a girl I seriously didn't even consider being gay or bi. I just didn't realise that the option was there.
However, I know that I can feel very strong emotions and such towards girls, but I've been going to an all-girls school for the past four years, and I don't socilise outside of it much, so I ahve limited experience. I do get very occassiaonly crushes on guys, so I don't know if it's my environment or if I'm actually gay/lesbian or what. I'm just waiting for time to pick up the phone and ring to tell me.



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One more time, all together!

Hey, I'm Pete, I'm an Oasis geezer. You probably don't know me, cuz I never post (sorry, guys, you know I still love you). Anyhow. I'm a grown-ass man, and I'm bisexual. I'm not confused, I'm not trendy, I'm not scared, I'm not on the fence. I'm bisexual. It's not a stepping stone, it's not a safety blanket. It's my life.

Goddamnit. I want to continue this conversation, but I've gotta get out the door to work. I'll be back this afternoon, we can talk more. btw, I'm not ranting at you in particular, I'm ranting at that concept of bisexuality, because it is very prevalent, especially among my "real" gay friends (excuse me while I gag on my own bile). I think there's quite enough bigotry in the world without making our own. Okay, really gotta go. Peace, love, and all that happy crap. Fight the power.

btw, one more time. Hot avatar. Tell me it's you, and I'm coming over. :-P

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I'm a supa dupa ' freak.

"Time is jaded..Seconds tick...but life is eternal"

I would tell you...depends on how old your are though. I only go out with older girls..when it comes to guys i have a limit of either 4 yrs older or 4 yrs younger. Hahahah.

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I tell ya,

Sorry Pete,

I'm not feelin' the love! You gotta post more!


P.S. I've heard that both Aedyn and Brutal got their avatars from manpaper.com. For some reason, I can't change my avatar. But if I could, I'd get one from that site. That way, people will be happy when I post, because they'll get to look at the hot body that is my avatar! ;)

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I totally think bi exists, I know one guy that's so completely sex obsessed it's scary and he's bi. But it seems normal because he'll literally hit on anything breathing, lol.
I'm bi but I don't tend to tell people that, depending on who I’m talking to I’m 'gay' or 'straight' because if you say you’re bi half the time people just look at you as though your a freak or your 'faking it' to be popular.
I don't get that but the way I see it guys and girls are pretty different but in their own way they're both desirable so why can't you like them both? I know I find both attractive; it’s just a fact…I don’t need to prove it to anyone.
Hope that helped kitten!



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I swing both ways and I've ye

I swing both ways and I've yet to have any problems. And I do still like girls plenty.


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