Cast Of Characters

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kind of late, but i decided that i wanna make a list of characters that appear in my life, using nicknames because i'm a dork, but here goes.

barbie: she can do anything. skinny perfect (insanely so). slightly insane in a take-over-the-world kind of way.
ken: barbie's other half. comic relief and not much else.
freshman: no longer a freshman. boyishly cute. knows kung fu.
glinda: tries to please everyone. peace maker. smart in an annoying way.
jailbait: gorgeous until he started growing his hair out. high school english teacher, rumored to be gay.
pisces: changes mind often. flirty and self-conscious. once thought herself to be bisexual, now says she straight. would love her if i didn't have a b/f.
shroeder: my boyfriend. beautiful and doesn't know it. musical and so damn smart.
princess: (me!) always confused. obsessed with everything. fucks things up.
cyborgjinx: online friend. horny.
woody: thats his real name. seriously. almost gay (says he's bi).
fae: basketball and faeries. better @ beating up boys than making out with them. cousin.
puer: friend from latin class. redhead but no temper. nerdy but not.
charmed: obsessed with wiccan things and cats. talkative and hyper to the point of annoyance.
marvin: (female). punkish. beautiful and funny. quietly crushing on her.
camo boy: in my math class. dressed in army clothes for halloween and now i want him.