Does it always hurt this bad?

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Does it always hurt this bad when your g/f has broke up with u and today would mark ur 2 month anniversary had she not broke up with u? IS it normal to break down?

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People sometimes get into relationships so fast, and forget a lot about the other, and sometimes realise too late that this wasn't what they wanted. They end up huting cruely the other.. and i can't understand how it is possible to act this way, ... it is as impossible to understand this , as to understand humans.

But, you know everyone is here to cheer you up, to help you with a broken heart, coz we all had one... and we can all be tehre for the others... i guess...

Hope you'll feel better, i'm the one that can help that much, but i'm there, hope you'll feel better

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I kno wut its like to get in a relationship and forget about others because usually im the one breakin hearts and i never relized how much it hurt until now when it happened to me. Thanx for bein here to make me happy just wanted to tell u u made a diffrence and i iwll try hard ot feel better.

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My opinion

I think you moved WAY too fast.. I mean my bf and I went into it too fast but we're going on 10 months now... we're both nice guys and all but we thought for a long time that we rushed in... then we talked things out.. It tends to work well.. It shouldn't hurt that badly after 2 months unless you knew the girl for a very long time and she feels the same way!

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i agree

I agree with wut u said and its true we moved fast and she didn't relize how fast it was till it was to late she states that she cares but at this point she wont talk ot me so she must not care to much.

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:: hugs :: (hope you don't m

:: hugs :: (hope you don't mind a random hug from a stranger). There is no normal or right as far as feelings go... Some people are more emotional about things than others...and if you're one of those people then that's just who you are. Don't feel bad about how you feel...just try to work through it. It might help if you have someone you can talk to about it all... (I don't know if you do or not). My only real advice is not to let your feelings paralyze you. You have to keep on going, even if it's difficult...


"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave, live."

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I like hugs random or not and as random as it was it put a smile on my face just wanted to say thanx