Done! And an update on Kate

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First off, I'm DONE for the semester!! Woohoo!! I've actually been done since Tuesday, but haven't posted since then. My last essay on my last exam was complete crap, but by that point I just didn't care.

Onto other interestingness...well, it's official that nothing more is going to be happening between Kate and I. It's probably a good thing because just when I was agonizing over all this stuff, who happened to come online for the first time in months? My girlfriend! I'm convinced it was a sign that I need to keep what's between Kate and I to nothing more than kissing. Anyways, so I spend all day yesterday and last night over at Kates and nothing happened, and that's even with us sleeping in the same bed! I was really nervous going to bed, just being that close to someone I'd extensively made-out with last weekend, but it ended up being all right. I did, at one point, have a rather vivid dream about the two of us

I leave Australia in about three days...can't believe my time's gone so quickly! I'm NOT looking forward to my trip home, though. I have a FOURTEEN hour layover in New Zealand. I'm definitely going through customs and getting my passport stamped; it'll be a good way of wasting time. To bad that the airports not too close to town, otherwise I might go wander a bit. But I just don't have the extra money for a taxi or anything. I'll definitely be doing lots of reading and sleeping and playing on my computer if I can find an outlet (cause my battery's crap). I'm just glad my luggage should be checked through to Denver.

Anyways, I'm off...don't really have anything to do, but whatever.