enjoying my last 2 weeks down under

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Two weeks from now I'll be on a plane going to New Zealand, where, after a too-long layover, I'll proceed on to Los Angeles and then Denver. I'm starting to feel sad that my time here in Australia is almost over. Despite the fact that the next week and a half will consist of me cramming for finals that are worth a ridiculous % of my grade, I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of my time here. Plus I'll have 6 days after my last final to enjoy before I go home.

Both yesterday and today I went out and did my work on the Esplanade in the sun...it's been in the high 80s for a few days now. I'm trying to get a decent tan before I go back to the US winter! :-P Last night I went and watched the sunset instead of going to mass... I really should feel guilter than I do. I haven't been to mass in about a month. I'm not sure what direction my faith is headed, but we'll just have to ride it out and see. Here's a picture I took last night:

I'll definitely miss that when I go back home...

Okay, so I don't really have anything profound to say today. I'm excited about darting for next semester's classes tonight. I'm a dork and have this elaborate schedule planned out with alternate choices for everything and even some alternate for alternates... lol. For my school, we schedule our classes during an arranged 15 min. time slot online. Mine's at 9:15 tonight; wish me luck!

I'm gonna go now cause it's almost time for the appetizer to tonight's community dinner: Turkish Bread and Dip. They have this most monday nights, but usually I have a class from 4:30-7:30, so I've always missed it... everyone raves about it, so I'm glad to finally be able to partake.

Ta-Ta for now!


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when youre home maybe the time difference wont be so crazy!!!!!!

Hey australian chica!!!!!! oh philosophy makes me want to die....


"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"

1 in 3 women think of having sex or experimenting with other women

"Should I smile because we're friends or frown because thats all we'll ever be?"

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