Essay Sickness

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I'm STILL at it, my stupid Much Ado About Nothing essay. So far I've done 10 pages, although it is double spaced as I was told to do. My word count is 4127, which compared to a lot of the essays I've seen- is pretty good. However, it's not quantity- but quality. Uggh, I used to adore English, and I liked Shakespeare- but now I can see why people complain about it- I've taken this play apart so much that all I can see is gunk and boredom on every page. I just think it's wrong that I have to abuse literature like this, searching for the implications in everything. I'm so tired and so bored. Best keep going.


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Hahahahaha Finally it is comp

Hahahahaha Finally it is complete- mwhahahahah! I have back pain and a possible hatred of English forever, but it's complete!

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It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.