G W Bush... Oh... JOY!???? (read this please!)

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Okay, everyone. I know this sucks the most than anything that has happened to us in like our lives, G W becoming president again. But lets just look at it on the bright side... Only 48 more months, 4 years, until we get a new president and HE cant be re-elected again!!!

Trust me. I'm mad, i just dont feel like typing my whole opinion on here...

I've created a website to show my hatred towards George W Bush, and its just starting so its not good, but oh well... go to it and check it out! IF you have any pictures or stories or just ANYTHING, letter's, anything, you want on there just email me at xtreemeweb@yahoo.com with what you want on it and i'll put it on!!

GEORGE-WB.tk! Let's All Hope For Hope!

There u go :)

Enjoy. Hah.


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I like the site ;)

Love and Gumdrops

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like it

good site. glad i'm not the only one who thinks having g.w. for the next four years will suck.
i love the countdown meter, too.