i don't feel "gay" enough

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even though I'm not gay. i'm bi. or at least i think so. but i feel like i don't belong here because everything i say feels dumb. '

i don't know how to act. i don't act gay. i don't look gay (lesbian). sometimes i wish i were a boy, but that doesn't mean anything. gah. and the fact that i have a boyfriend whom i love makes me feel less bi. i mean, sometimes i think that i like girls more than boys, but what about Josh (boyfriend). i mean, I *know* i love....blegh.
this sucks.


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Honey, I wouldn't worry. I

Honey, I wouldn't worry. I used to feel 'wrong' if I crushed on a guy, becuase I thought that it just made me a wannabe gay. Now, though, I've learnt that you should love someone regardless of gender. I'm bi as well, but sadly single. Just treasure Josh, and even if you do find yourself drawn to more guys than girls- be happy.
(Oh if you ever want to chat- feel free to email me.)

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why do you feel that everythi

why do you feel that everything you say is dumb? it isn't... you belong here, even if you're not sure of your sexuality.

you don't have to act a certai way. just be yourself. it doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend. if you think you're bi, then that's okay. I'm bi, I had a b/f for a month in the summer, and it didn't make me feel any less gay/bi.

bisexuality is not defined by an equal like of females and males. I like girls more than boys. occasionally though, you find someone special of the sex that you may not be attracted to the most, but if you love them, then you love them.

(I don't know if this made any sense or helped in any way. if you need someone to talk to, my AIM s/n is xx1stars1xx, and my yahoo messenger s/n is insanepenguin87)

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theres no rules on how to act

it's all in the heart so act like urself
we are all dumb and cool anyway
just give urself time to let all the confusion out

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there's no such thing as gay

there's no such thing as gay enough. are all straight folks alike, do they all act in similar ways? totally no. there are stereotypes within queer communities, but they're silly and it's important to be able to live outside of them.

good luck, dearie.


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hey, i know exactly how you f

hey, i know exactly how you feel. I don't act gay or look gay either. I'm also confused about what I want and who I like more, boys or girls. But I'm pretty sure I like girls more and thats why I'm here. So i can talk about it and get things off my chest.