" I want to make people happy"

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Read this article in "Parade" today about Ellen DeGeneres (and if you have no f'ing clue who she is, you've been living in a dark, hole your entire life.
Umm I couldnt get the articale, Parade site says it wont be ready for a few days, I would take this time to watch her Daytime Show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
its on around 11:00AM EST USA Time. Oh course there is the hole "daylights saving time" thing going on, which in my opinion is bull-shit...

-I'll get the articale up as soon as i can...

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Also at 4pm EST after dr. phil, on NBC, for those who don't rise till noon.

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Ellen is my hero!!! ~If we

Ellen is my hero!!!

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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Sorry for the delay!

‘I Want To Make People Happy’

By Ben Fong-Torres
Published: October 31, 2004

I really felt that I wasn’t going to get another chance,