It's Coming

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Yes indeed, kids! It's Momma's Birthday Eve! I'm very excited, because like last year, I've invited a billion people to a get-together at one of our favorite bars, and I'm hoping to have a fabulous turnout. Of course, nothing could ever beat my 21st birthday last year, but you know, we'll still have a fun time trying. :) So I suppose now is the time when I have to look back and see what the hell I've done this past year. What have I learned, not learned, and all that good stuff. Come along for the ride!

First of all, I was actually a good little boy up until I was 21 with respect to drinking and such. In fact, I'd consumed alcohol twice in my entire life (save for medicines and such). So needless to say, once I turned 21, the floodgates were opened and Momma started drinking like a fish. I got exposed to lots of new drinks and lots of really fun liquors. On the same token, I also got exposed to my first hangover, my first vomiting fit because of too much booze, and the bar scene.

I said it when I was single and I'll say it right now: the bar scene can be fabulous! I mean honestly, there are so many wonderful people to meet there, if you can stand sorting through all the junk. Going into a bar and having people know your name is a nice feeling. To this day, I can still go into any gay bar in this town and know at least one person there; my group of friends and friendly acquaintences has grown by leaps and bounds.

The negative side of bar culture, I think, comes from misguided expectations. More specifically with respect to romance. Sure, I've had a hookup or two (or more) in my lifetime, but that's all they ever turned out to be. I never went into a bar looking for the love of my life, because I knew I wasn't going to find it.

Over the past year, I've learned to cherish my friends more, for life is very precious.

I've learned that Canadian boys are STILL hotter than American boys.

I've learned that Canadian strippers are much more well-hung than American ones.

I've learned that bigger is always better...unless I'm the bottom.

I've learned that threesomes are WAY fun!!!! Here's to a life of debauchery!

As you can imagine, the most significant things that I've learned this past year have been from the love of my life. Simply by example, he's taught me so much about dealing with people. When you're in a relationship, you start to learn lots about intimacy in a lot of different ways. You better believe that being with someone (and living with them) is going to jolt every preconceived notion about relationships that you ever had, and it'll force you to reexamine how you look at relationships. Most of all, I think it forces you to reexamine how you look at yourself. As much as I might hate to admit it, I'm not always right when we find ourselves in conflict. But in the end, the conflict almost takes a backseat and you discover that the important thing is how you deal with said conflict. We've both learned to be really good at talking these things out.

One of my music/life mentors asked me one day (as he usually does), "So, are you being nice to Josef?"

"Yeah," I said.

This led into a fabulous discussion about relationships and the wonderful things that come from it. The best thing that I got from that conversation was when he said, "Michael, in your relationship, you should always put your BEST side forward, not your worst." That made me think, because it's easy to let your hair down when you get home from a hard day and not be very pleasant to your sweetheart. We've all done it. I think he's absolutely right, though. We should always act our best towards our significant other, because they're one of the most precious people we'll ever have in our lives.

As I grow as a person, I'm starting to get a glimpse of who it is I want to become. It'll take some work, but I'm already on my way. For me, the important thing is that I keep my relationships strong, because that's what helps me the most. True, in the end, Momma looks after Momma, but were far from the end. On the eve of my 22nd birthday, I'm very excited about the next year. I have lots of great things in store for myself, and I'm sure life does, as well. Things are already in motion; all I have to do now is buckle up and hang on.



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The threesome remains the last sex act that I would like to try but haven't (I'm not terribly interested in doing it with more than two other guys). Thing is, I've taken a sort of vow of celibacy until I go to see my boyfriend next Summer, so I won't be doing that here, but I don't know if I can get him into trying it. Oh well, I'll see if I can sway him. Anyway, here's a "hear, hear" to your toast to debauchery.

"Sometimes a little brain damage helps."
-- George Carlin