Little Britain- TV

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Anyone else watch it? I must admit I can't get enough of the show, even though it kinda takes the p*** out of gay stereotypes, but then again- it's one of those shows that can be rude and offenisve. The most prominant gay character is Daffyd- 'The Only Gay in the Village.' He flaunts his sexuality- and prides himself on being the only one, despite the fact that his village is actually full of homosexuals. It's quite funny to see Daffyd- played by Matt Lucas- parading around in his hot-pants and rubber shirt proclaiming his sexuality- when actually he's never been with a man in his life!

Next up is Sebastian- the Prime Minister's aide who has a crush on his boss. He flirts madly- and is about as subtle as me *sarcasm*. If there's anyone in Britain who doesn't watch this (not sure if any other countries get it- sorry) then please tell me!