My Story- Red

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(This was originally written for my friends, although names have been changed. There may be some refernces that noone else gets.)
Matt Willis- One of the lads from Busted. My mate has a crush on him.
Bam Margera- Skate God- my friend loves him too.
Amy Chicken- Based on a vain girl who used to pick on my mate.

My story: Jess finds a cute Bam obsessed boy and I find his sister.

I saw her across the room; her astonishingly bright red hair caught the morning sunlight as she ran a pale hand through the locks. My own fingers twitched with the desire to touch those fiery tangles which fell just past her eyes, but I kept them hidden from view, occupying them with a biro.
“Earth to Rads, do you read me Radclyffe?