oh man....crazy night!

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Yeah...last night was...interesting. For those who didn't read my earlier post, the group decided to take me to the gay club/bar in town for my 21st birthday. I invited Kate to come along, and she just met us there. Well I ended up drinking about 15 drinks out of a goal of 21...I knew I wouldn't make 21 from the get-go, lol. The club was virtually empty when we first got there b/c we went right after it opened so we wouldn't have to pay the cover charge.

But anyways, it seemed like everyone had a good time. Some people didn't stay long, and others did...by about 1:30 there were only 4 of us left and we decided to head into Freo, where I'm from, and go to the bar there where most people said they were planning on going.

Okay...Interestingness for the night: If you read my past entries you'll know that I've been agonizing a bit over Kate. Well towards the end of the time in the 1st place we were at we'd started dancing particularly close and next thing I know we're kissing... Let's just say that we were pretty much making out for the rest of the night. I feel kinda sorry for my friend who went along with us to the 2nd place...lol. I could've gone home with her...for reasons I won't divulge here we wouldn't have slept together even if I had, but we might've cuddled up in bed or something. But I ended up deciding not to. I may end up staying the night with her at some point this week, so I guess we'll see how it goes.


Yeah...so it was a great night. I had fun, Kate had fun, my other really good friend who was my caretaker for the night had fun... so woohoo. I'm feeling suprisingly little guilt over what happened. I just don't know...

Anyways, I'm off to try and get some work done.