One More Exam!!

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I have ONE MORE exam and I'll be done for the semester! Woohoo! Unfortunately this exam is the one that will kick my ass the hardest. Yeah...Business in Asia. The concept isn't hard, but he expects us to basically know everything for the exam and didn't narrow the topics at all. And it's a freaking lot of material to cover. And none of us have really started studying yet. It's going to be a Late night! The only consolation is that if we all fail then it won't really matter...and that's what it's looking like right now.

In other's HOT today!!! It definitely made my exam taking not-so-pleasant. I was in a big gym-like room with no A/C. And the flies were annoying. It's about 37 celsius, 97 Farenheit (or something like that). Thankfully after today it should be in the 70s/80s until I leave...great beach weather. ;)

Okay, well I'm going to go now. I just felt like posting a random update because I don't feel like working quite yet. I'm trying to find a site to buy back my stupid econ textbook, but no one seems to want it. I think one of my friends found a site...I'll have to get it from her. This textbook was $102 new, paperback. ridiculous. College textbooks are the biggest ripoff ever.



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Good luck for your exam! And

Good luck for your exam! And congratulations on finishing the rest

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