Please give advice, if at all possible!

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I don't even know how to talk about this... I'm so confused...

I talked to my ex last night and she sent me a recent picture of her and some friends. Well, she was completely different. She had sent me a picture a long time ago and also some others. And I completely fell in love with her, and with her appearance. But last night she sent me that picture and we talked about it and she said that the other pictures were of her cousin. I want to say I'm mad at her. I guess I am, for lying to me. But I'm not as angry as I am confused. I still think she's very pretty, but I'm just so so so mixed up now because I had always thought of her as those other pictures and now she's someone else. This is one reason why I didn't want to get so drawn into the online relationship stuff. I don't want it to have such an impact on me. Especially not like the last online relationship I was in.

I feel kind of numb, I think. I still love her. But at the same time I feel like a bitch, because in the back of my mind I'm hoping that this isn't true and that the other pictures were really of her. Is that really stupid, mean and selfish? Looks don't really matter that much! I still love her to death! I'm just so confused now; it feels like she's a different person, even though she's not. I don't know what to think! Am I overreacting about this? I feel so weird. It kind of feels like everything has changed, but it hasn't. I need advice, if anyone can give it!!! :(


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Have you seen her in person?

Have you seen her in person? I mean, have you
seen her for real? coz maybe it could make you
realise that it's really the person you love and
not the photography. And did she tell you why
she send pictures of her cousin? Are you sure
she still cares that much? If you know that you
love her and not anybody else then why being so
confused? think about the other things that
matter, like why she lied, and else. If you love
her, you'll like her looks anyway i guess. And
if you trust her, you can tell her, maybe it'll
give something
¥øµr Þµŋĸ

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I knew i loved you before i met you

I was physically attracted to my bestfriend before we got close and thats when i really fell for her, i love her personality more than anything else now maybe you should talk to your chick about this and follow what Dd said , meet up?
GoodLuck though

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I know how you feel. I was in

I know how you feel. I was in a relationship with a girl online, and before she ever sent me a picture, she described the way she looked. And the way she described herself made her seem pretty attractive. So when she finally sent her picture, i was kind of upset because the picture didn't exactly show her the way I was picturing her. I already ahd strong feelings for her though and eventually the way she looked really didnt matter at all. She isnt ugly at all she just didn't look the way I thought she was going to. But it was fine because I loved her more for who she was and how she made me feel. But I won't lie...looks do matter, every knows they do they just say they don't.

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ur not overacting

I say that none of this is ur fault. U have the right to feel the way u are feeling right now. I mean she lied, but then she told u the truth after, so that's a good thing. Okay I should say that looks don't matter sadly it does :P but then u get to know the person and it doesn't matter anymore, actually I don't know if any1 else is like me but after I like some1 because of there personality and when I look at them she/he becomes very attractive, maybe because I look at the best part of him/her like eyes and lips.


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