Religious Freeks

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why do people call gays and lesbians "sinners"? i mean, do they really think
that i CHOSE to be this different? do they really think that i WANT to be
ridiculed every way i turn? i mean, people, get a clue. i mean, i don't have
anything against religion, except when it is used to hurt people. like me.
i thought this 'god' person was supposed to be a good person. does he/she
really want people to be fighting in his/her image? i just don't get it...



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I know how it is

I'm not a Christian; I'm Agnostic.
I get so tired of SOME Christians just hating and gay-bashing GLBTQ people. I sometimes want to just want to scream that I didn't choose to be this way and if I had a choice, I'd still be a lesbian.

It sickens me how many homophobes we have in this nation, it really does.
I don't apologize for who I am and I never will.

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educating to public

i think that if everyone had a decent education, we would way better off. and if we had teachers who would admit that there are people who are homosexual, or transgender, or what ever. i mean, really people...


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Yes, many people, whom I thin

Yes, many people, whom I think to be idiots, believe that you want very much to be "this" way. The reason we're sinners is because, according to some, we're just gay or bisexual or whatever to get sex. Which is complete bullshit, but that doesn't deter some.