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... although I hate to call it even a semi. I'm not apologizing for posting my own personal opinion. I am, however, apologizing for coming across as accusatory. I didn't mean to sound ... mean. Y'all are right about that. So I'm sorry for coming across that way. Next time, I'll keep my language impersonal so as not to put myself on everyone's hit list.

Thank you to the people who supported me. Those who didn't, I respect your opinions. (Quit sending me hate mail.) I'm not taking back what I said, but all the arguments for Kerry are sure to make me think.



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I'm sure it wasn't hate mail, 'I kiss girlz'. That was just your bad luck for posting a controversial opinion and then getting that entry booted to the Oasis front page. It became the first thing we saw when we logged onto this place.

And please don't apologise for posting your opinion--it is your journal, after all--or even sounding accusatory. God knows a lot of us did.

Even if I--strongly, strongly--disagree with you, and argue in whats probably a not-too-polite-or-freindly manner myself, I do consider the opposite opinion, and--if it holds up to scrutiny--revise my own. If everybody steps back and thinks about what everyone else said, even if they don't change their mind--then the arguement was kind of worth it, don't you think?

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I would never ask anyone to apologize for their honest opinion, even if, as others have said, I strongly disagree. It got to me because of the tone, and the timing. I was feeling fragile, and I felt like I was getting jumped. I don't think you were trying to be mean, but I felt like I needed to stand up for myself and tell you how it sounded to others. Truce, of course.

btw...I'm feeling much better. And I'm ready to argue now.

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im new

hi i just wanted to say you sound like a very opionated gurl and i respect that i am very opionated myself so i just wanted to say hey and let you know im new and if u ever feel like it drop me a line alright later. from alyssa aka lookin_4_a_gurl