*seriously believes there is steam shooting outta my ears*

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Correct me if I wrong, shouldn't the president be someone who condones all ways of life? Who doesn't intend to infringe upon the rights of cititzens that live in the same nation? A person that will not segregate his own people for the sake of religion?

The way I see it, the president should not be imposing laws and suggesting changes that will alienate his own citizens. Everyone should be embraced and allowed to live their lifestyle. No one has the right to say "You love the wrong person and because of that you are disgusting and shouldn't be allowed the right to be happy." NO ONE! I am so angry right now its ridiculous.

What were people thinking? Did they honestly allow religious beliefs to take over? What happened to seperation of church and state? What happened to the Bill of Rights? What happened to living in a country that was based upon freedom and happiness?

I am disgusted. Completely disgusted with this country. What will happen now? What will happen if laws are instituted that prevent gay marriage? What then? Will the president be prepared to deal with the reprucussions? I doubt it. Highly doubt it. And there will be reprucussions. RAGING reprucussions. And I will be part of those reprucussions because I will not stand by as someone claims they can take away my rights as an American citizen. Ain't fucking happening.


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11 states have already banned

11 states have already banned gay marriage...see my most recent forum topic for the article.

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Ughhh, to sick and tired of t

Ughhh, to sick and tired of this to be pissed now. At least we won't be bored, we'll be busy protesting. *hopeless dissapointed shrug*