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This really has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to say something about it. Ao anyway, has anybody noticed that Christmas is taking over. I know that Christians kind of rule the US but why do the commercial people have to make a big deal about religion. Isn't there separation of church and state? Doesn't that mean anything to the world? I have more to say but I'll probably stop making sense and just blabber and i hate doing that.


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interesting...i think your right. and you never make sence anyway, why start now...jk! christmas is all nice and well, but only when people don't use it as commercial holiday. i mean, really people, is it that festive to start lining up for a store opening at 0400 (that's in the morning, for those of you who don't use 24 hour time)?? i really don't get it. i mean, buying presents for your loved ones is great, and celebrating and eating is wonderful, but people put WAY to much time and effort into the holidays. just enjoy what you have, and be thankful for it.

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