the ugly girl's attempt at poetry

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the ugly girl needs
a hobby too and
she hates sports
so poetry is her choice

at first the words don't fit
they seem fake and forced
flowers and butterflies do not
affect her.
she tries again
cutting herself open and
bleeding her heart
on the page smearing
ink blood tears to
form letters
words lines
to show herself to
what if they throw
away her heart or smash
her to the dirt floor
she couldn't bear it
so the
ugly girl sits
in her room
writing poetry waiting
for someone to


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Amazing, I loved it. Just tho

Amazing, I loved it. Just thought I'd tell you- as I know that sometimes a little praise can make all the difference. So yeah, it was excellent.
"at first the words don't fit
they seem fake and forced"
Love this- don't know why but I adore these lines.
I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.

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i bet u'r prettyful ^-^

felt lik tha whn i was lil *sniffle* except i didnt write poetry....
lik a phoenix we will rise from our ashes
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"A powerful festering energy roots itself in this land and carves a crest of blood"bcuz humans r so very simple" -fullmetal alchemist(lust)