Turning over a new leaf

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Hum Yeah its werid I am a college student and yet I am
still unable to wrap my mind around somethings.
But on to the topic I wanted to address today
So it's getting near chistmas and the GSA on my campus
has a member who has three kids two boys and a little girl
She can't afford gift and all the group members where
going to go out and shop for them and I was suppose
to go but at the last mintue which really is a week in advance
I find out there is no way I can go. Not only has
my car been out of commission for a while know
I am doing so many things I am going crazy.

Then I have another topic I want to talk on Conformaty
I am probably going to get a lot of people made on this
one but why is it that so many people who are gay
are the same. I missed the memo that said we have to
be same? Did I miss the right turned or maybe it was the left
I don't understand then I was reading this artical on
Mogenic by Greg Cottway who is in Ireland and is seeing
the same thing I am writing about. I don't understand
Why people feel the need to fit the stereotype and
maybe at eighteen I am still going thought what people call
the "Teenage Rebellion" stage. When I don't want to
be what people thing gay people should be I want to
be my own person. A musician, a writer, a gay women
who doesn't give a fuck what the person next to me
thinks about me being gay. I understand the hate
the "OH MY GOSH THAT'S SO GOSH" that I heard a million
and one times a day and I understand why people
will funnel it towards whoever happens to be in the way.
No all people but the ones who are closed minded enogher
to think I am the same as every other gay person out
there I am not going to conform, nope you won't see it
from me. O.K. i am stepping off my soapbox know
because I may have just pushed a few buttons two many.


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yup, there are way to many steriotypes. i see it all the time. i hate it. i don't want to be what the next person wants me to be, i want to be myself. i so totally agree with you.


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If I were a profoundly religi

If I were a profoundly religious person, I would say "Amen!"