ugly girls write poetry

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{second copy. there's another version in my journal, probably last entry or before that.}
ugly girls only write poetry
because it’s the only hobby
where no one has to see her
she hates words though
because they burn her
especially when thrown
hatefully by people who
don’t even know her

she begins writing of
happiness but soon finds
that butterflies and flowers
don’t affect her
paper is wasted
crumpled and tossed forgotten

love poetry is beyond her grasp
for she does not know
does not experience the passion
and love, nor the broken hearts
because she doesn’t understand others
doesn’t understand herself

she is tempted to simply
give up, stop trying
emotions don’t suit her
she has trained herself
not to feel

another hobby she thinks
she will find something
else for her to try
painting or gardening
(she won’t cook for fear
of getting fatter).

and so…
she sighs to herself and
writes words on a page
meaningless words with
her black pen and her
emotionless self
waiting until she
has something
to write about.