Um Hum

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O.K. I am still bouncing around on here. I read some
post and relized that what I said in a few post back
is totally true. I have a issue that I hit on in a title but
didn't talk about in my journal entry at all.
I slept with my best friend would be the title but
I didn't talk about it I talked about the song but missed
the rest completely. I can't honestly believe that
I did it. I don't remeber a thing and I wasn't drunk.
I didn't do any drugs. Thought we both know it happened
Know she won't talk to me and she turns and walks the
other way when she sees me coming. So talking to
her is out of the questions. Maybe I didn't sleep
with her but maybe we kissed cause honestly that's
all I remember thought I don't know why that would
make her all skittish away from me.
She is bi and likes girls more. I don't know I am
one who likes to talk to people to get problems worked out.
Because I feel like if it isn't talked about it will
drive you crazy and it is. I am in the worst mood
today simple because she is saying maybe it went
farther then I remeber it going. E has listened
to both sides of the story and he says things don't add up
He says where my memory ends at me going home G's
memory ends with sex and mine doesn't at all and
I am pretty sure that I didn't go thought.