What do i do im sooo confused

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HEy i like this guy and helikes me. i asked him out last year and he said his parents wont let him date. i am wondering if this is true or not. oh yeah he always asks me over to his house he tells his friends that he really likes me and i really want to date him. Sshould i ask him out again? HELP ME OUT!!!

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Are you guys at least friends because I'm sure it sucks to jump into a relationship.

Ask him if his parents let him date and junk first, then ask him.

At least, that's my opinion. :D.

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A lot of parent of LGB kids aren't trilled with the idea of their kids same-sex dating--for various reasons--but if you're suspicious/worried consider the possibility that he may like you and still not be ready to date (parent restrictions aside) or might like you very much--as a freind.

Maybe you could let him know you're still interested without adding the pressure of actually asking him out?