what the bleep do we know?

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ok, why do people seem to find it so important to have "clean" marriage.
i mean, come on people, give a little, get a lot. or (this is for those idiots
in office...i mean polititions) just take that stupid word "marriage" out of
the whole deal, and just call it a civil union. i mean, i don't want some sort
of religious union. no offence... i mean, really people, this is the 21st
century, for Kirstens sake, and we're it the USA, shouldn't we have figured this
whole equality thing out by now?



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Sadly, yes.

Sadly, yes.

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The problem with civil unions

The problem with civil unions is that they have over 1000 less rights than marraiges. Otherwise I would likely also give up the separate but not equal idea and just let it be...

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what about birthing licenses?

i think the world would be a better place all around if we issued
birthing licenses instead of marriage licenses. i mean, who cares who
you marry, but i can garentee that there are a lot of kids who wish
they were never born...mainly because they are neglected by parents who never wanted a child.


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I read somewhere (I think on here, actually) that the state shouldn't be in the "marriage" business at all. Just call 'em all civil unions and be done with it. You can get "married" in a church or whatever and call it "marriage," and then nobody feels "threatened" about what marriage may be becoming... Because the state no longer officially "marries" people... they get civil unions.

Just my thoughts,