Who I'm out to,, and will be out to

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Ok, since I'm going to be coming out soon, I've decided I'll post how it all goes. I have come out to two friends, and two teachers. One friend took it well, the other took it ok, but he makes homophobic comments, even in my presence. One teacher who knows is my school counsellor, who my friend (the one who took it well) said to go see. The other was my mentor at school who's also an english teacher, and I came out to him by having him check over my personal statement for uni. The topic was civil rights in my country.

I have set a deadline for myself to come out to my parents, because although I think I should come out, I always wake up with a feeling of dread when it's the day to come out to someone. That deadline is a week from Sunday, so if my parents go insane I can bring them to school and my counsellor can talk to them.

However, I think I will probably come out this weekend. I would rather have the flexibility of coming out to the rest of the school before the holidays, and I don't think it would be fair not to tell my parents first. Also, my brother's coming back and would be around for Christmas. Knowing my parents, they wouldn't tell him I was gay unless he asked, and if they got depressed he wouldn't have the slightest clue why, unless I was to tell him.

Anyway, I don't know how I'll be feeling about my parents in a week's time, but I don't think that I will ever regret this. If, in coming out to the school, I was to be shot dead, I don't think I'd even regret that. It may sound disturbing, but at this point I feel so much like an activist that I wouldn't mind if I was to become a martyr for gay rights.


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Good luck coming out. Hope it

Good luck coming out. Hope it all goes well for you. *Fingers Crossed*

*One day stupid ppl will rule and I shall be your leader*

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Whatever you decide... I hope it goes well!

Best of luck,


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Thanks guys Dave

Thanks guys