wow. heres my first entry.

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alright. Im going to the oasis retreat to camp seymour in tacoma. at least I think I am. my parents have yet to tell me if I'm allowed to go which means that they arent comfortable with me going and they want to wait for any reason to ground me and prevent me from going so they dont have to say yes. the good thing is that the registration form has to be turned in in two days (yeah Im a little late) but that gives me very little time to fuck up and get grounded.
the second issue of my rant today is BOYS. I made a booty call last night. I know I know. its wrong. but I used protection and everything so dont flip out about that. the thing is I only did it because Im depressed about a recent break up and the guy I did it with wants more than to be a booty call (I would to if I were him but thats the problem) Im emotionally unavailable right now, detatched. I cant find a way to feel anything for anyone right now....Im not really sure what to do. I think Ill tell him that I need more time before I can get into a relationship. >.< Im an ass.....
ok. now that thats over I want to talk about something happy. I saw a bunny and an albino crow the other day. it was really cool. and bunnies are cute. I learned that most of my friends consider republican to be a dirty word...and my parents consider republican to be a dirty word too. go them. nyar. Im going to go to bed. may the gods light your path. blessed be.


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welcome to oasis

It's good you're posting about your situation. You'll get your emotions back. Really, they come and go but they're still there all along. Wishing you joy.

Love and Peace, vel

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Welcome to Oasis!